Signage GLASS Collection

Glass information plates with aluminum holders

An information carrier that combines both informative and aesthetic function, consisting of precision ground tempered glass and holders of unique design, made of silver anodized aluminum.

The collection includes Classic and Modern mounting holders – in two finishes.

  1. Tempered glass panel (so-called safety glass) without holes,
    thickness: 4mm
  2. Flat polished edge
  3. Aluminum holder – Classic or Modern
  4. Complete door sign – two glass panels (2x4mm) with holders
A-GLAS1-XX-001 A-GLAS1-XX-002 A-GLAS1-XX-003 A-GLAS1-XX-004
A-UCL18-01-000 A-UMD18-P0-000 A-UMD18-01-000


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