Signage GLASS New Format

Glass information plates on distances

GLASS New Format. A modern visual information system consisting of precision ground tempered glass and brass standoffs in several finishes. The format of the glass sign has practical features, while its standoffs of different heights allow to create and compose spatial information layouts.

  1. Tempered glass sheet (so-called safety glass), thickness: 4mm
  2. Flat polished edge
  3. 10mm diameter hole, designed for Glass New Format standoffs
  4. Brass standoff, length: 21mm or 40mm
  5. Complete sign – two glass panels (2x4mm) with standoffs
A-GLAS2-XX-001 A-GLAS2-XX-002 A-GLAS2-XX-003 A-GLAS2-XX-004 A-DST21-01-000A-DST21-20-000A-DST21-P0-000A-DST40-01-000A-DST40-20-000A-DST40-P0-000


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