Signage RHYTHM Collection

Modular aluminum information plates

RHYTHM is a classic modular system, allowing for easy and fast updating of information. System made of silver anodized aluminum profiles. The collection has been designed in a way that allows any rearrangement of the modules. 

Information coated with an anti-reflective film.

  1. Anodized aluminum base profile, color: silver
  2. Anodized aluminum profile, color: silver. Intended for placing graphics
  3. Transparent PVC insert – anti-reflective
  4. Hexagonal set screw and Allen key
  5. Set of fixing screws and dowels. Double-sided adhesive foam included

Standard PICTO stickers for nameplate: R-RHYT2-XX-003 (115x18mm):

dasfda R-RHYT1-XX-001 R-RHYT1-XX-002 R-RHYT1-XX-003 R-RHYT2-XX-001 R-RHYT2-XX-002 R-RHYT2-XX-003


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