Signage CIRCLE Collection

Classic anodized aluminum plates

Convex shaped door/wall sign designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally. System made of silver anodized aluminum profiles. The plates have detachable end cups in black or gray for easy and quick updating of information.

Information coated with an anti-reflective film.

  1. Construction – anodized aluminum profile, color: silver
  2. Set of plastic plugs: black (BL), gray (GR)
  3. Transparent PVC insert – anti-reflective
  4. White PVC insert – matt
  5. Set of fixing screws and dowels
A-CIRC1-BL-001 A-CIRC2-GR-001 A-CIRC1-BL-002 A-CIRC2-GR-002 A-CIRC1-BL-003 A-CIRC2-GR-003 A-CIRC1-BL-004A-CIRC2-GR-004 A-CIRC1-BL-005 A-CIRC2-GR-005


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